IELTS Speaking test in Sri Lanka – March 2011

IELTS Speaking test in Sri Lanka – March 2011

Our friend N has shared the questions she was asked in her IELTS Speaking test in Sri Lanka:

Speaking test


- What is your full name?
- What shall I call you?
- Do you work or study?
- What is the most interesting thing about your job and why?

- Do you like flowers and why?
- Do any flowers mean something special in your community?
- What are the occasions on which flowers are given as presents?
- Do people in your community tackle housework by themselves or not?
- What part of housework do you enjoy most?
- Is it necessary for children to participate in household chores?

Cue Card

Talk about the aspects of your life that you would consider changing to improve your health. Please say

- What are they?
- How would you change them?
- Do you think you could change them?


- What are the most common exercises in your area?
- Do adults and younger people engage in different workouts?
- What type of exercise do you think is better? Outdoor or indoor?

- Are eating habits now the same as they were in the past?
- Are they healthier now than then or not?
- We discussed the aspects that you would like to change in your lifestyle, do you think you will be able to succeed in doing that?

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