IELTS Speaking test in Kuwait – July 2011

The Speaking questions below came straight from Kuwait, where our friend V recently took his IELTS test.

Speaking test


- Describe the place where you live.
- What room do you like the most?
- Would you like to change something there?
- Do you like the color scheme of the place?
- What colors did you like as a child?
- What colors do you dislike?
- What colors would you apply in your house?

Cue Card

Describe a musical event that you have attended or seen on TV, please say:

- What event was it?
- Where was it?
- Did you enjoy it?


- Do people in your country accept international music?
- Does your country see some importance in music?
- Is it common for children in your country to learn music?
- Do you think that music or playing an instrument should be taught in school?
- What art or craft did you learn in school?
- What art would you like to learn in the future?

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سلام خوبي ؟ وبلاگ زيبايي داري اتفاقا من يه سايت دارم که خوشحال ميشم باهات تبادل لينک بکنم . اگر تو هم مايل بودي منو به اسم بهترين هاي ايران لينک کن و بهم بگو تا منم با افتخار لينکت کنم