IELTS Tips from a Band 8.5 Scorer

IELTS Tips from a Band 8.5 Scorer

Today instead of our regular exam update we are sharing the tips received from Amira, one of the best IELTS scorers in August (band 8.5 in General Training).

Here is what Amira says:

IELTS tips


With respect to my 8.5 band score, I am delighted to share with you the tips, and anything significant I encountered during my 30-day preparing period.

In general


It is a fact that there are many study techniques for IELTS – but please don’t get overwhelmed! Choose whatever suits you and study smart. If you choose a course, please consider it only a skeleton for your studying, and keep in mind that you will still need to work on your own.


Phrasal verbs, connective words, adverbs and unusual vocabulary, all of those indeed lift up your band score. Keep learning new words by heart and use them in abundance in Writing and Speaking. Key point: use them, don’t abuse or misuse them.


During studying


- Visualize success: imagine yourself attaining a high score.
- Study smart: set a target score, revise writing samples of a higher score, and keep trying to write in a similar way.
- Practice under exam conditions.

On the exam day

Listening: get a good night sleep, have a coffee in the morning, and focus.
Reading: pay attention, be sharp as the text is ambiguous.
Writing: think and plan before jotting words down – don’t improvise.
Speaking: consider it a friendly chat, not an intimidating interview.

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با سلام و سپاس بابت متن خوب و مفیدتون فقط یک نکته به نظرم رسید در خط های پایانی نوشتید "- Practice under exam conditions." این جمله imperative هست دیگه ؟ که باید با شکل ساده ی فعل شروع بشه. در صورتی که شما نوشتید "practiCe" و این اسم هستش! و فعلش میشه "practiSe" اگر هم من دچار اشتباه شده ام ممنون میشم راهنماییم کنید باز هم سپاس از راهنماییهاتون نوید توسلی