IELTS Speaking tests in Egypt and Turkey – April 2011

Below are two speaking tests given in Egypt and Turkey (see Listening, Reading and Writing tests here).

Speaking Test 1


- Do you like science?
- Did you enjoy science lessons at school?
- What kind of science do you read about?
- Do you believe celebrations are important and why?
- In your country which celebrations are more important, religious or national ones?
- Describe a celebration in your country.

Cue Card

Talk about a happy event in your childhood. Please say

- what happened,
- who was present at the event and
- why you remembered that event.


- What does make people happy?
- Do you believe that people used to define happiness in a different way in the past, or that the concept of happiness hasn’t change with the passage of time?
- Do you believe that old people can be happier than young people?

Speaking Test 2


- What is your name?
- Are you working or studying?
- What is your job?
- Is your job difficult?
- Do you like traveling?
- When did you go outside of your city and where?
- Do you like your city?
- Do you like holidays?
- Do you go on a holiday alone?
- Do you like eating?
- What is your favorite food?
- What kind of fish restaurants do you prefer?
- What is your favorite restaurant in your city? Why?

Cue card and Discussion parts were not shared in the Speaking Test 2.

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