IELTS Speaking test in Iran – May 2011

The speaking questions below were shared by our kind friend N, who took his IELTS exam in Iran recently.

Speaking test


- Do you work or study?
- What do you like about your job?
- Do you like your job or people you work with?
- Have you ever collected things?
- Why do people like to collect things?
- In your country, what are the things that people usually collect?
- Do you like animals?
- What animals do you like?
- Do people keep animals in your country? What kind?
- What kind of wild animals do you like? Why?

Cue Card

Talk about an adventurous person in your life. Please say
- Who is this person?
- How do you know him/her?
- What kind of risks does he/she take?


- Are you an adventurous person?
- Do people take more risks now than in the past?
- Do you think people take more intellectual risks or physical risks?
- Why do some people like to take risks?
- Why don’t most people like to take risks?
- Do you think government should support people who take risks and lose?

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