IELTS test in Brazil – May 2011 (General Training)

The IELTS exam below was shared by A from Brazil, who remembered the Writing and Speaking tests.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a letter)

A friend of yours is applying for a job as a sports instructor for teenagers in an summer school in Australia. He is asking you to write a recommendation letter to the principal of the school. In your letter you should say

- How long have you known him/her for?
- What are his/her qualifications?
- Why is he/she suitable for this position?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Many old cities around the world are going through major processes of modernization. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernization?

Speaking test


- What is your full name, please?
- Describe the apartment you live in.
- Do you think money is important for happiness?
- What do you think is the secret of happiness?

Cue Card

Describe a feature of your personal character that you find important. Please say

- Why do you like it?
- Why is it important to you?
- What difference does it make in your life?


- Describe one feature of people in your country that you find interesting.
- What differences should people take into consideration while choosing a partner or a friend?
- What do you think makes people choose hand-made items?
- Do you think it is important for children to learn how to create hand-made objects?
- What hand-made object would you like to make?

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