IELTS test in the UK – July 2011 (Academic Module)

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

We were given a bar chart comparing children of three different age groups (1-3 years old, 4-9 years old and 9-13 years old) by their bed time activities. The activities given were reading, watching TV, brushing teeth, and eating.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Lectures were the traditional way to teach large numbers of students in the past. Now new technology is being used to teach students. Is this a positive or a negative development?



- What do you do, studying or working?
- Do you like your present job?
- Would you like to continue in the present job?

Cue card

Describe one of your days off, please say

- Where would you go?
- With whom would you spend the day?
- What activities would you do?
- Please explain why you like a day off.


- Do you think people need a day off?
- Do you like to spend a day off with friends or family?
- Who is more important in life, friends or family?
- Do you prefer just one long holiday or many days off?
- Do you think money is important in life?
- Which is more important in your life, money or the relationship with family / friends?
- Do you think nowadays people are working more hours than before?
- What should be more important for people: earning money or building relationships within their family?
- Do men and women have different ways of spending leisure time?

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