یک نمونه واقعی دیگر از سوالات امتحان آیلتس

Writing test
Writing Task 1 (a report)
We were given a pie chart which shows the employment percentages of business school graduates in the year 2004 (retail 3%, marketing 4%, other 14%, etc). In addition there was a table that showed how much money each sector’s employees earned in 2004 and next to it data of what percentage had their salaries increased / decreased since 2003 (0.2+, 5+, 8+, 0, -5, -2, -1).
Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Natural resources such as fresh water, oil and forests are disappearing from Earth. Why is this happening? Is that dangerous? Suggest a solution for this problem. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Speaking test
- Can I see your ID or passport?
- Can you tell me your full name?
- Do you live in a small town or a city?
- Where do you live, in a house or an apartment?
- What can a visitor do in your city?
Cue card
Talk about a person you would choose to travel with. Please say:
- Where would you travel?
- Why did you choose this person?
- Tell me about the person’s character and qualities.
- What qualities does a person need to be a good traveling companion?
- Would you prefer traveling alone or with someone? Why?

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