IELTS Speaking test in the USA – September 2011

The Speaking questions below were shared by K, who took his IELTS exam in the USA recently.

Speaking test IELTS test in the USA


- Where are you from?
- Lets talk about the weather.
- How is it different in your country?
- What weather do you like/dislike personally?
- What is the best/worst weather for going to school/work?
- Where do you live now?
- Do you like the place you live in now?
- What is your favorite room and why?
- What would you change in your home?
- Describe your neighborhood.

Cue Card

Talk about a foreign movie that you saw. Please say

- What was it about?
- What did you like about it?
- Why did you remember that movie?


- Further conversation about movies and actors.
- Birds – do they have any meaning in your country?

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